BQ (former name: Mundo Reader) is a Spanish company brand of user electronics devices, such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers and 3D printers among other products.

Among BQ's most notable products are the first AndroidOne mobile phone in Europe (the BQ Aquaris A4.5), as well as both the world's first mobile phone and tablet running the Ubuntu Phone operating system, (the BQ Aquaris E4.5 and BQ Aquaris M10).

The company started its business in 2009 importing e-readers from Asia. In 2010 it started to produce its own tablets and e-readers.

In 2013, the company had 600 employees and it produced 400,000 tablets and 100,000 e-readers.

In 2014, the company entered the Portuguese market.

In 2015, the company produced a smartphone (BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition) that runs the Ubuntu operating system.

In 2016, the company released the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet.

By 2020, BQ appears no longer to be in the phone market, with all devices removed from the company's web-page. The English language home-page now presents Robotics, 3D-printing and product development consulting as the focus of the company, at least internationally.

BQ is a Spanish phone brand. The company was founded in 2010.

20 phones and tablets
The first device was released in 2015
The latest device was released in 2018

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