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Cowon Systems, Inc is a South Korean consumer electronics and software corporation. Established in 1995, the company’s initial focus was software development and microelectronics, specializing in speech synthesis and speech recognition technology. In 2000, with the introduction of the iAUDIO CW100, Cowon expanded into the portable media player industry, which is now the core of their business.

In 2010, Cowon was ranked number one in the PMP category of Japanese Management Association Consultants’ Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index, and in 2011 it was ranked number one in the same organization’s Global & Great Brand Competency Index.

In the west, Cowon is most well known for its iAUDIO range of portable media players, which has resulted in many people incorrectly referring to the company as “Cowon iAUDIO” or simply “iAUDIO”.

In its marketing, Cowon makes distinctions between “MP3 players” and “portable media players”, where the latter are larger and have a greater focus on video playback. The categories differ slightly between the Korean and the global homepage—for example, on the Korean homepage, the Cowon X7 and X9 are listed under “PMP”, while on the global homepage, they are both listed under “MP3”.

All Cowon products are produced domestically in South Korea.

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