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Explay is a trademark of Explay CJSC, a Russian OEM supplier of digital devices. The company was founded in 2005, the trade mark was registered in 2007. The main activity is the sale and warranty service of electronic devices. Founder and CEO - Eduard Vaschenko.

Several categories of electronic devices were produced under the Explay brand, in the following groups: GPS navigators, MP3 players, e-books, digital photo frames, camcorders, voice recorders, stereo headphones, flash drives, portable speakers, tablet computers, mobile phones and other digital equipment.

Explay products were presented in all federal, regional networks, as well as in digital stores throughout the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. CJSC "Explay" had a network of service centers throughout Russia, by the beginning of 2014 their number was 200 points. 

The main office of the company is located in Moscow.

In 2004, Eduard Vaschenko headed the Prolife company, which sells accessories for cell phones. In 2005, it was decided to create its own brand of portable electronics. The name of the Explay brand, according to Eduard Vaschenko, was born at one of the meetings.

The Explay brand was registered in 2004 for the development of portable equipment sales. From the moment of creation until 2007, the main direction was the wholesale of personal audio equipment.

Since 2007, car GPS navigators have become a priority. In a short time, the company became a leader in sales of GPS navigation devices.

In the future, the range of products sold increased, under the Explay brand in the market of portable equipment, they began to produce: stereo headphones, e-books, photo frames, voice recorders, mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers.

In early 2011, Explay introduced a new product line - tablet computers. Also, as a result of assessing the prospects for the development of the cell phone market, the company for the first time in Russia brought out multifunctional phones with 3 SIM-cards.

In 2012, the CEO of Explay, Eduard Vaschenko, decided to come to grips with smartphones. Explay brought its first Infinity smartphone from China, which strongly resembles the Samsung Galaxy S II (at that time it cost more than 20 thousand rubles), and began to sell it for 9.9 thousand rubles. At the end of the year, Explay ranked fourth in terms of the number of smartphones sold. The company's revenue increased by 80%. In 2013 - by another 40%.

At the end of 2013, Explay took 4th place in terms of sales in Russia, behind only Samsung, Nokia and Fly.

In the third quarter of 2014, Explay became the third most popular tablet brand after Samsung and Apple.

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