Bluetooth LE Audio

A newer standard for audio over Bluetooth designed to replace the original headset and hands-free profiles that have been the most popular use and implementation of Bluetooth since its inception. Introduced in 2020, LE Audio uses the Bluetooth LE radio for lower power consumption.

See: Bluetooth LE

LE Audio takes advantage of the broadcast capability of Bluetooth LE, which allows one audio source to transmit to an unlimited number of Bluetooth devices nearby. Individuals can use this feature to listen to music or watch video together. The broadcast feature is also designed for buildings such as theaters, airports, museums, gyms, and convention centers. Users can choose a public (or password-protected) Bluetooth LE audio stream, much the same as choosing Wi-Fi networks, and listen to the audio channel (or language) of their choice.

Because it uses the Bluetooth LE radio and also a new "LC3" codec, LE Audio devices should use up to 50% less power compared to Classic Audio devices. Alternately, device makers can choose to offer much better sound quality using the same amount of power as Classic Audio devices.

LE Audio also supports multi-stream and stream syncing. This provides better native support for stereo true wireless earbuds, and allow earbuds to remain connected to multiple source devices simultaneously.

The LE Audio spec also includes specific features to better support Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

LE Audio requires Bluetooth version 5.2.

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