Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics is a customization feature that allows the user to set custom graphics to appear on the phone's display.

The graphics may be downloaded via a cable from a computer, downloaded via Wireless Internet, or sent to the phone via SMS.

Various phones allow the graphics to used in different ways. Some ways include: as the main or background graphic during standby, as the background in menus, as the main graphic during an incoming call, and as a screen saver after the phone has been idle for a certain period of time.

Some phones also provide options such as cropping and sizing, and superimposing and positioning text over the graphic. Some phones include built-in graphic editors.

In addition, some phones allow exchanging graphics with other phones via SMS, EMS, and/or MMS.

A related but distinct feature is Picture ID, which is where a phone allows custom graphics to be assigned to individual phone book entries, to be displayed when receiving an incoming call from that number.

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