E-Ink (Electrophoretic / AKA E-Paper)

A type of display technology that uses electric charges to move dark material inside microscopic clear capsules of light-colored liquid. (Or light material in dark liquid.) By moving the electrically-charged, opposite-color material suspended in the liquid from the front to the back (or vice versa) the visible color of the capsule is changed at the front side.

This type of display uses power only when changing the image. Most types can maintain a detailed still image with little or no power at all.

This is a reflective display technology, meaning light is reflected off the front of the display, instead of passing through it. Therefore there is no need for a backlight. Many electrophoretic displays can be read with only ambient light, although some may have a light source in a layer in front of the display to aid visibility in dark settings.

Because they draw power only when changing, and do not require a dedicated light source, they are extremely power-efficient.

Electrophoretic displays have a very poor refresh rate, and therefore do not display motion well.

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