1. Mobile Application Part

MAP is a standard for identifying and authenticating users, and routing calls on mobile phone networks. The standard also defines how users are identified and calls are routed when roaming across different networks.

MAP is the standard used by GSM and WCDMA networks.

AMPS (analog), TDMA, and CDMA networks use a different standard, known as ANSI-41.

2. Message Access Profile

A Bluetooth profile (mode) for relaying messaging info.

A typical use case for the MAP Bluetooth profile involves a phone and a car. When a phone supporting MAP is paired with a car supporting MAP, incoming messages can be displayed on the car's dashboard and/or read aloud by the car's computerized voice.

MAP might also be used to pair a phone with a device such as a TV, such that incoming messages would be displayed on the TV, or with a device like a laptop PC, in which case the PC might also allow replying to and sending messages.

Types of messages supported by MAP include text messages (SMS), multimedia messages (MMS) and email.

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