Ringing Profiles

Ringer Profiles allow the user to create distinct "profiles", each consisting of an array of detailed ringer settings. These profiles can be pre-set and stored in the phone by the user, then quickly selected and activated at any time.

This feature is useful because many phones offer a very large array of ringer options. Different ringer options, (including tones, melodies, vibrate, flashing lights, or any combination thereof,) may be applied to incoming calls, incoming SMS, service status, incoming Wireless Internet push messages, alarms, etc. In addition, some phones allow different ringers to be used for incoming roaming calls, calls from numbers in the phone book, and even different ringers for individual numbers in the phone book.

With all of those options, profiles make it easy to create sets of settings that are appropriate for various situations, including work, home, public, etc.

A wide array of options can be changed by the user in each profile (such as tones, vibration, melodies, ringer volume, etc.) and changes take effect all at the same time when this profile is activated.

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