Wireless email

Email is everywhere now and almost everyone has their own, password-protected email account. Wireless email however is the ability to send and receive email over wireless devices. As GPRS and 3G networks give users constant connectivity access to their email, wireless email services are recently becoming increasingly popular.

There are a wide variety of handsets available today that support wireless push email services.

Push refers to technologies that allow a central system, for example the mobile phone network, to send - or push - information to an end-user without any action on their part or on the part of the mobile device.

With push email, emails are sent directly to the mobile device as soon as the email server receives them rather than waiting for the user or email client to request the email.

Today's push email devices range from mid-priced mobile phones through to smartphones and email-centric phones such as RIM's Blackberry.

As wireless email solutions are widely integrated in corporate scenarios, support for the existing corporate email services such MS Exchange ActiveSync, Blackberry Connect or IBM Lotus as is getting more and more common in regular handsets.

Unfortunately, we usually don't publish all the email services supported by the mobile phones in our database. As this is the case, you should always seek further information regarding support of specific services. When you see email support listed on our specs pages, please bear in mind that it only guarantees basic POP and SMTP protocols support and as manufacturers always like to point out, specifications can always be changed without notice.

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