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Founded in 2013, KAZAM exists to question the European mobile industry. The smarter, sexier, more streamlined brand coupled with its clever-thinking brand ethos looks at more than just the phone, innovating where others don't. Meaning we don't just make phones, but seek to improve the complete experience of everyday use.

KAZAM believes that local beats global, the world is made up of individuals, so how can a one size fits all approach be right?

KAZAM was established in May 2013, Tuesday 7th of May to be precise (that’s the date on our default home screen). KAZAM initially launched in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Poland. However we have continued to expand across Europe and now have presence in over 15 countries.

Founded by Michael Coombes and James Atkins, KAZAM was set-up to make a positive impact in our industry and speak up when we see change is due.

Meaning at KAZAM we're open to opportunities, ambitious and optimistic for the future. We say YES!

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