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Lumigon is a Danish technology company based in Copenhagen that produces high-end smartphones running on Google Android operating systems. Lumigon is the first company in Denmark to design, develop and manufacture its own smartphones and accessories. All Lumigon products, features, apps and user interface are designed and developed in-house in the company’s Copenhagen headquarters.

Lumigon designs are inspired by the functionalistic philosophies of Danish industrial design and architecture that started in the mid-20th century: simplicity, minimalism and craftsmanship.

Telenor Denmark was the first operator to introduce Lumigon into their product line. Telenor Denmark now sells Lumigon products nationwide in their Danish shops and online outlets, as well as through CBB and Bibob, who are also owned by Telenor.

Lumigon was founded in 2009 by Danish IT entrepreneur Lars Gravesen, who saw a market need for smartphones that combined creative design and quality with well thought out, useful everyday functions. Lars Gravesen was already a veteran of several extremely successful software startups such as DanTeam, Zyb and Excitor.

Lars Gravesen’s extensive experience was undoubtedly a determining factor in Lumigon getting its first phone to market – the T1 – within the first year of the company’s existence. The T1 was equipped with Bang & Olufsen audio and several other unique features such as a built-in universal remote control. Lumigon followed up with the T2, which was launched in February 2010. The current model is the T2 HD, which was released in March 2014 and was well received by the press and public alike.

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