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Mobiistar is a mobile phone brand of Mobile Star Corp., launched in Vietnam in June 2009. Products of this brand mainly focus on low-cost and mid-range smartphone segments and target young customers.

In early 2016, Mobiistar reached the top 10 leading smartphone brands in Vietnam.

On May 8, 2009, P&T Mobile launched a number of mobile phone models under its own brand Mobistar. Mobiistar built a development strategy focusing on the low-cost segment and achieved certain successes.

Entering 2011, Samsung, LG and especially Nokia suddenly changed direction, focusing strongly on both the low-end segment and spreading it evenly on the mid-range segment. With their strengths, they quickly dominated the market and immediately pushed Vietnamese phone brands into trouble.

In 2012 P&T Mobile changed its name to Mobile Star Corp and then mainly launched pre-smartphone and low-cost smartphone models.

At the end of 2014 Mobiistar launched the Prime line, which began to enter the mid-range smartphone segment.

In early 2017, Mobiistar launched two products Zumbo j2 and s2 with front and rear cameras like 1 (13MP) and entered the high-end Vietnamese market.

In October 2017, Mobiistar brought two phone models Jumbo S2 and Prime X Max to the Dubai Gitex Technology Week Exhibition in Dubai to introduce the product.

In May 2018 Mobiistar announced that it would establish a headquarters in India to access this market. At the end of May 2018, the company officially launched the first two devices in this market.

PRODUCTS Prime x, Prime x1, Prime x grand, Prime x2017 Hybrid yollo, Hybrid y, Hybrid 504c, hybrid zoro, hybrid yuna... and some other devices.

In June 2019, Mobiistar announced its withdrawal from the Indian market just one year after its launch here.

In July 2019, rumors appeared that Mr. Ngo Nguyen Kha, founder and CEO of Mobiistar had joined VINGroup.

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