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Multilaser is an electronics company based in Brazil.

Multilaser are manufacturers and marketers of tablets, media players, GPS, pen drives, computer accessories, games, smartphones, sporting goods, audio and video, with greater highlights for computer accessories, smartphones and tablets. Its headquarters is located in São Paulo and its industrial complex is located in Extrema, Minas Gerais.

It employs more than 2,500 employees and 40 engineers divided into laboratories in Brazil and Asia.

With a trajectory of over 30 years in the market, we are one of the biggest players in the Brazilian electronics and computer supplies segment.

We want to be the ideal partner for different moments, that's why we offer a rich variety of products. There are more than 3,500 items with high quality, easy to use and a complete and efficient service platform. We are always attentive to world trends and the specific needs and desires of the Brazilian consumer. Thus, we develop products with the best cost/benefit ratio to make people's daily lives more practical and agile.

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