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Through Myria we bring technology into everyone's hands. We have the ability to offer our customers the quality products and innovative services available today.

We believe in: people, quality, innovation and competence.

Myria is thus a Romanian brand built with respect for the Romanian user: very good quality products, state-of-the-art technology, diversity, elegance and a very affordable price.

The universe of Myria products is the home of any family in Romania, it means their passions and needs, from entertainment to the most diverse household chores, all for an ideal comfort through easy access to technology.

Tablets, desktops, phones, GPS, accessories, large appliances such as refrigerators, radiators, or small appliances such as dehumidifiers, mixers, or food processors, and much, much more.

> 2007: the new marketing concept is launched through the Myria brand, the first line of PCs with original Microsoft software pre-installed. The market position is strengthened by OEM recognitions: Microsoft Direct OEM and AMD Premier Partner.

> 2008: Myria @ School is launched - a social responsibility program run in schools. Results: four new IT laboratories inaugurated in Bucharest, an investment in education of over 50,000 USD.

> 2009: Myria expands its product range with IT&C accessories and peripherals.

> 2011: Myria introduces PC tablets in its portfolio.

> 2012: a new brand expansion - Myria is diversified through small kitchen products and personal care.

MYRIA is a registered trademark of Complet Electroserv.

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