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NOA is a Croatian mobile phone manufacturer with a strong presence in the SE European region, and a tendency of growth and expansion into the rest of Europe.

NOA strives to be the leader in the B smartphone market segment following affordable premium philosophy, and has made great inroads in this field during the last five years. NOA H10le (2017) and NOA N10 (2018) smartphones have recieved the EISA – Best Buy smartphone award, confirming the quality and value of the NOA brand.

Our goal is to make the latest advances in mobile technology available to the widest possible audience. Our devices are created to fit the need of consumers who want to receive the greatest value for their money, and who know where to get it.

This inspired us to create the NOA Element line of mobile phones, where each device is created to enrichen your life.

Mobile technology has changed the way we interact with other people and the world. We are now closer together than we were in the history of humankind. The awareness of this fact has shaped the design process of NOA mobile phones, which are designed to seamelessly integrate into your daily routine, making your life easier.

A lot of brands offer limited aftersales support or do not give one at all, letting retailers and resellers handle it with their own loyalty programmes. NOA offers extended support and guarantee, which means that we stand behind our product 100%.

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