Pantech Inc. is a South Korean company that manufactures mobile phones. Established in 1991, its market is mainly domestic with partners in the United States, Japan, China, Europe and finally Vietnam. In 2012 Pantech was the second best-selling handset maker in South Korea, according to Gartner. In 2013 Samsung Electronics bought a 10% stake in Pantech. Pantech also partners with PCD for specialized phones.

For the U.S. market, the company primarily manufactures phones for the two largest wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon.

According to a report in July 2014 from CNET, Pantech is facing bankruptcy risk with a debt of $475 million. In October 2015, BusinessKorea said that Korean regulators have approved the acquisition by a domestic technology group led by Optis and Solid. In 2014, Only imported in country and exported in Vietnam.

Pantech is a South Korean phone brand. The company was founded in 1991.

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The first device was released in 2003
The latest device was released in 2013

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