The highly professional team of Plum Mobile is comprised of a group of passionate individuals with combined experience of more than 40 years in the communication industry. Our mission is to lead the next wave of cellular phone suppliers, making sure to meet the growing demands of our globally situated clients.

All plum mobile phones are FCC approved and certified, with our focus on providing the best handsets in themarket. Striving to supply our region with the most sophisticated and advanced headsets available, we have joined forces with the top manufacturer to make certain all handsets meet with stringent criterion that complies with the same requirements of manufacturers such as LG & Samsung. We also work in close collaboration with Top IT companies that provide the quality and technology comparable to manufacturers such a HTC, Pantech and many others.

Given that our primary goal has been to help our distributors succeed, what makes us stand apart from the crowd is our ability to deliver. We listen carefully to what the client requires and then we follow up by doing everything in our power to fulfill those needs. Regardless as to whether we are working with a larger company or one with smaller interests, every project, every business and every opportunity is treated with the same respect.

Plum is a American phone brand. The company was founded in 2011.

113 phones and tablets
The first device was released in 2011
The latest device was released in 2022

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