QMobile is a Pakistani consumer electronics marketing company which markets smartphones in Pakistan. It is the largest smartphone marketing brand in Pakistan with an estimate of one million mobile phones sold monthly. QMobile is not a manufacturer; phones are imported from vendors in China and sold under its own brand.

QMobile was launched in 2009. Being the first local mobile phone company to enter a saturated market, it has penetrated quite deeply. QMobiles are popularly known for their low- and mid-ranged smart and mobile phones.

QMobile’s range of devices includes some tablets and dozens of phones including touchscreen, QWERTY, and WiFi, all running Android OS. A windows phone named QMobile W1 was also launched in 2015. QMobile launched the first Android One smartphone in Pakistan.

QMobile appointed Ertugrul Ghazi famed Esra Bilgic as its Brand Ambassador.

QMobile is a Pakistani phone brand. The company was founded in 2009.

90 phones and tablets
The first device was released in 2013
The latest device was released in 2017

All QMobile phones and tablets